“Finding David”

A Group Coaching Program for Catholic Wives

Do you feel resentful, powerless,
or lonely in your marriage?
I made this program for you.

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Inspired by a Legend

It all began with Michelangelo…

According to the story, Pope Julius II was deeply impressed when he saw Michelangelo’s statue of the David.

The Holy Father asked how the artist was able to carve something so magnificent?

Michelangelo responded,
“I just remove anything that is not David.”

In this program, we’re going to use this exact concept
to transform our marriages.

The Marble

At the beginning of this program, we’re going to tackle our personal blocks of marble, consisting of our beliefs, expectations, and judgments about our marriages. We’re going to start removing all of these thoughts and finding the true “David” underneath.

The Tools

Next, we’re going to learn specific tools that we need to use to excavate the truth, not only about our husbands, but also about ourselves and the unique and unrepeatable marriages that we have been called by God to live out fully.

The Skills

And finally, we’re going to deep-dive into our own strengths and motivations and use them to unlock the hero buried in the marble. The more deeply you become who you are meant to be as a wife, the more freedom you give him to become the husband he is called to be. The truth will set you both free.

The Finding David Coaching Program

This Group Coaching Experience Includes:

  • 8 weekly coaching calls, 1 hour each
  • Practical tools to rediscover your husband
  • A deeper understanding of who he is, and how to bring the best out of him, through the gift of his temperament.
  • Rediscovering yourself, and how your own temperament makes you the perfect wife for him.
  • A group of women who understand and empathize with your experiences
  • A workbook full of helpful information and journal prompts

Next Session
Early 2024.
Stay Tuned!

Are You Ready To Rediscover Your Husband?


Hey, there!

I’m Elizabeth Saenz, and I help Catholic women rediscover their husbands. You remember the incredible guy you fell in love with? He’s still in there. He’s just buried under years of disappointment, miscommunication, and hopelessness. Call me, and we’ll find him together. You’re not powerless. You just need a few new tools, and an excavating buddy. ❤️