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Tabor Vision Coaching!


I am currently on sabbatical to address family needs, but I hope to be back in August.

Thank you for your patience as I navigate this new chapter!

Is This You?

Is This Your Husband?

You used to get butterflies when his name popped up on your phone.
Now you feel relieved when he leaves the house.
But that’s just how marriage is… Right?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Remember falling in love?

Alice von Hildebrand uses the Transfiguration as a metaphor for this experience. You look at a seemingly normal human being,
and suddenly you see a ‘god.’

In that moment, God reveals the saintly potential of your earthly hero.

Then, life happens.

You get married. Babies come. Responsibilities increase. You end up with the lion’s share of the responsibilities, and your hero becomes… a roommate.

He pays bills, plays on his phone, mows the lawn, and occasionally roughhouses with the kids. The ‘god’ is gone.

Let's rediscover him.

That guy you fell in love with – the man of God’s dreams – is still in there. And I’ve got tools that will help you find him.

If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work, we’ll find your Tabor Vision again.

You’ve got the power to single-handedly change your experience of marriage.

Come Discover How!

One-on-One Coaching Package

  • Twelve 30-minute coaching calls
  • Personalized, focused attention
  • Discover your natural gifts and strengths
  • Learn how to speak to your husband in a way that activates his natural gifts and strengths
  • Work with those innate abilities to create achievable goals
  • Learn to speak up for yourself without nagging or crying
  • Learn to self-coach and journal effectively

Finding David – A Group Coaching Experience

  • 8 weekly coaching calls, 1 hour each
  • Practical tools to rediscover your husband
  • A deeper understanding of who he is, and how to bring the best out of him.
  • Rediscovering you, and how your personality makes you the perfect wife for him.
  • A group of women who know exactly what you’re feeling
  • A workbook full of helpful information and journal prompts

Are You Ready To Rediscover Your Husband?

This short course (Finding David) will help you see your husband in a more objective and loving way that will enrich your marital connection.

Suzanne C.

It has been very eye opening to learn about how our temperaments affect marriage and how to work through the different roadblocks we place for ourselves.

Marie H.

I had the gift to be part of this program, and it is the BEST! I am blessed to have Elizabeth providing the tools and skills I was missing… What a relief to be able to see my husband through a brighter light.
Mayra C.

Hey, there!

I’m Elizabeth Saenz, and I help Catholic women rediscover their husbands. You remember the incredible guy you fell in love with? He’s still in there. He’s just buried under years of disappointment, miscommunication, and hopelessness. Call me, and we’ll find him together. You’re not powerless. You just need a few new tools, and an excavating buddy. ❤️